Annuity Rates

In an economy of significantly declining interest rates there are still some good, higher rate, safe investments to be had. Multi Year Guaranteed Fixed Annuities (MYGA) are tax deferred retirement investments with similarities to an IRA account.

Annuities are NOT FDIC insured but rather insured through the specific annuity company in which the annuity is sponsored. They are guaranteed to yield the original interest rate for the term selected and involve a minimum interest rate guarantee after the maturity date.

There are significant surrender charges if you withdraw the funds before maturity but most annuities have access to either interest earned or 10% of the account value each year that are not subject to the surrender charges. You may also choose to annuitize your account and receive monthly or yearly funds for a specified amount of time, or for your lifetime. Many annuities also include riders which allow access to funds in the account should you become disabled or enter a nursing home for an extended amount of time.

Safety of these investments are very important to us and we only offer annuities through companies that are A rated or better and ones that have proven stability over the years. These companies are required to keep excess funds available to pay off claims acquired and many have been in business for over 100 years.